Reliable Team

Each building is difficult and requires concentration and commitment of both the supplier and the client.

To make sure you have good memories of the whole process of planning and implementation, we will be true partners in problem solving and conceptual issues.



When building a house, you will be in constant communication with suppliers, unlike any other investment. Our company has several experienced designers and builders who take care of our customers from the first meeting until the handover. We are not "businessmen and managers", each house is our personal matter. Realization of a building for us does not begin at the moment when digging in the soil starts, but during a meeting of the architect, investor, project team and building master. For us, this is the important step towards a precise preparation of a project and often towards finding ways to significant savings.
In case of timber houses, the quality of workmanship is more important than in case of conventional constructions, and we cannot afford to risk. Our employees have been working for us for years, and besides their skills we appreciate their reliability. Most of our customers are personally interested in the construction process and details, and they are in frequent contact with our staff. Our biggest reward is to see a happy customer that is satisfied with the building itself and also carries a good memories of the team that he was in close contact with for many months.


  • Mg.A. Václav Horecký - Head of the realization group, co-owner an architect by training (Academy of Art and Design), long term carpentry and joinery practice, practice in reconstructions of historic wooden boats in Stockholm.
  • Ondřej Cutych - Project manager In building services since 1993, implementation of atypical buildings and designs
    ve stavebnictví od roku 1993, realizace atypických budov a designů
  • Jan Šimon, Nikola Popadynets, Jan Jůžek, Petr Slačík, Taras Javorivský and others construction, assembly, flooring, drywall and carpentry workers.



After completion – the investor together

After completion – the investor together with people from the Naga Company and architects from the Raketoplán Studio