About Us

Naga Company Ltd. has been building wooden houses for 7 years.

Besides family houses we are focusing on atypical buildings and structures - but the unifying element is always wood and a clever, original solution.



Naga Ltd. has been building timber houses since 2007. Since the beginning our goal has been to build houses that are exceptional - by it’s a non-traditional architectural solution, unconventional design or "only" good quality craftsmanship.
Our clients are people who have the ambition to not only live well, but who also think how the construction will affect their environment, how they will contribute to the formation of a city or a country, and influence the whole society. We are seeking to bring inspirational designs (eg. searching suitable materials or aesthetically functional details) and practical design solutions that have an impact on the cost of buildings, their quality and durability but also practicality for everyday use in the future. We are not just passive suppliers and installers, we often create long-term relationships with our customers.


Architectural studios like working with us, because unlike conventional construction firms, architecture and design are for us a great challenge. We have a sense of originality and can actively collaborate on ideas and enrich them with practical implementation experience, sense of details and finding specific design solutions for timber. We are pleased when we succeed to cultivate the environment through our buildings, to push the boundaries of taste and to respect the architecture. Therefore, we often participate in construction of atypical buildings, not used for living, but presenting our attitude to greater number of people. We are proud of the implementation of the Czech exposition at the Expo in Venice on design and construction of public spaces. (Some examples HERE)


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QUOTES in publications

Jiné domy 08, supplement to the magazine Reflex - Hráň u Slavonic
the magazine Architekt 4/2008 - Hráň u Slavonic - 18 pages article “TOP realizace”
the magazine Era 21 4/2008 -  Apreski
the book Česká architektura 2008, 2009, Petr Pelčák - Lookout tower Bára in Chrudim, Hráň u Slavonic
the magazine Architekt 3/2009 - hráň u Slavonic,  Kontejner
the yearbook Salon dřevostaveb 2009 - Lookout tower Bára I
the magazine Architekt 1/2010 Lookout tower Bára II
the yearbook Salon dřevostaveb 2011 – family house in Berouně
the yearbook Salon dřevostaveb 2012 – house in Šestajovic, house at Tábora
the magazine Pěkné bydlení 2/2013 – house in Levín
the magazine Můj dům 10/2013 - house at Tábor
the newspaper Lidové noviny 16.11.2013 - cottage and studio by Sázava
the magazine Chatař a chalupář 12/2013 - cottage and studio by Sázava
the yearbook Salon dřevostaveb 2013 - Jára Cimrman’s lighthouse
the book Česká architektura 2012, 2013 Zdeněk Jiran – lighthouse and museum in Příchovic
the magazine Pěkné bydlení 8/2014 – family house in Černošice