Lookout tower Bára and utility building



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Both buildings are part of a recreational area of suburban forests near Chrudim. They are built using a unique type of construction similar to a hollow stack - planks laid on each other with interspersed boards. Their specific feature is the variable height of the structure, depending on the actual moisture of the wood. Larch wood, steel cables and metal fasteners are used. The oak staircase of the tower is suspended from the observation deck. June 25, 2008, four days after the opening of the observation tower, a severe storm accompanied by tornadoes swept over the Czech Republic. The storm damaged the observation tower irreversibly. People from Chrudim did not get discouraged and September 3, 2009, the rebuilt tower Bara II opened to the public.

The story of the observation tower is described in the book "The Incredible Story of the Tower" (“Neuvěřitelný příběh věže”) and you can see a documentary film here. The construction was published on the Archiweb server.

Architect: e-Mrak - Martin Rajniš, Martin Kloda, David Kubík

Location: Chrudim - Podhůra

Investor: Urban Forests Chrudim

Construction Completion: 6/2008

Photo: Ladislav Vlna, D. Kubík. V.Horecký

Total height: 29,2m