Transborder across the river in Andělská Hora



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During the work on the installation of the Czechoslovak pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2010, the Liberec Region underwent extensive flooding. Immediately after we returned, we built a wooden construction of a transborder, designed by the e-Mrak studio, directly on the spot where a bridge was destroyed. A transborder is a transportation system, which uses a gondola (carriage), suspended on pulleys moving on a specially modified truss, to transport objects across the barrier. This is a particular modification of an aerial tramway. The load-bearing construction is at a sufficient height not to be endangered by floods. The building is presented on the Archiweb server.

Architect and General contractor: E-Mrak - Martin Rajniš architectural firm

Location: Andělská Hora at Chrastavy

GPS: 50°47'16.81"S / 14°58'12.35"W

Investor: association of private persons

Grand opening: 10.10.20

Photo: T.Tesař, V. Pešek, D.Pavlišta